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Short answer: everything.

Long answer: everything you’re putting on there + everything you've ever felt + everything you've ever done.

When you’re happy, you smile. When you’re sad, you weep. When you’re stressed, you breakout. From laugh-lines to dark rings under your eyes to cystic nuisances beneath your cheeks, everything you’re feeling has a way of ending up affecting your skin. A lot of these effects are no big deal, but balancing your emotional health is a good way to balance your skin-health, too. If you’re feeling some ways about some things, sharing your feelings with others can help you face what’s on your face.

Sunday Scaries And Monday Munchies. Screaming, crying, and lolololing. #whatsonyourface

Your lifestyle is the choices you make, and a lot of those choices affect your skin. You might be a night owl or a beach bro or an Olympic athlete, but whatever you are and whatever you do has specific pros and cons for your skin. Maybe you quit caffeine and it fixed your acne. Or maybe you laid out in the sun for three hours and got third degree burns. Either way, in The Great Skin Convo of life, your voice, your thoughts, and your experiences will help others find their way. So tells the world: what parts of your life are ending up on your face?

Falling in love and falling on your face. Two Years of total freakin nonsense. #whatsonyourface

Okay, obviously you shouldn’t treat your face like a chemistry experiment, but isn’t that what most people are doing? Just buying whatever skincare stuff looks the best/cutest/effectivest and hoping for the best? Facing what’s on your face means thinking about what you’re putting on your face. Really thinking about it—and then talking about your experiences so we can all figure out the best way forward.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got science.

We wanna know: what’s on your face?

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